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The art was nice, but there is no sound. The tutorial could also be improved quite a bit. I didn't understand that you need to pick up batteries in order to shoot (not explained at all).

Great game Tim! Not sure why, but I'm not getting any sound.   My volume is up, I tested it elsewhere.

Awesome game as always !

Seems like you need to clean up your variables, I walk into the tutorial at threat level 5

I love playing this! Seems like the heal ROM is a bit too rare though, it's hard to make it far

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I'm blocked by stunned enemy... Need skip turn key.

And please, make way to comeback to completed levels.

It's be fun and interesting...

A lot of games block level revisiting by balance restrictions, but in you game it's see synthetic for me. You level graph mostly like FTL, but unlike FTL, you levels can have more forgotten loot... And no rebels pressure.

x skips a turn! Sorry that's not listed anywhere.

What do you think the value is for revisiting levels?

Strange, i tried some keys and  X too, but it's give no result.

About revisiting:

1) grab leaved resources

2) just view as synthetic restriction.

But after some thinking, i understand ,you don't save levels after player leaves, and make revisiting may be too expensive for not too important detail. (I try to write games too, and my obsession level what live without player :P )

seems unplayably hard? Or maybe I'm just doing it wronger than wrong. I totally love the deus ex 3 hack minigame look though. can't wait for sounds