It's the world's first 1d game. Because 1d is better than 2d. And 2d is better than 3d.

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How to downlod?


Nice Game very Creative

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Humorous game, but it's not 1D in any sense. As in Flappy Bird, you move up and down while the 1 towers move in a direction that is perpendicular. Even if you imagine that you're looking at a 1D slice of the screen where 1 towers appear and disappear, you are still imagining a 1D cross section of a 2D plane.

This is also not the first. I played a game several years ago that actually was 1D, and it amused me as well. It was a linear platformer, only one direction. I forget how the obstacles worked but it either involved gaps or doors. Either way, something impeded your progress and you had to do something to press on.

The only way it would work is if you mean 1D game as in a game about 1s and Ds, completely divorcing it from the meaning of being one dimensional, and if that's the case, then this is clickbait, shame on you.


you sound like fun


the fact that it counts your score in base 1 is icing on the cake



my score is: 111111111111111111111



fuck offff hahahaha good joke


This is the best game ever!!!



Welp, the claim to be world's first ever 1d game is totally wrong... Endless gamejam games and the games in the browser search bar... Its a cool punch line, tho


Here's a brief, silly little gameplay critique / review of this game!

This year I decided I would uploaded a YT video everyday, and that has currently largely evolved into this series Itchy for Jam where I play itch games and offer my feedback, advice, and encouragement as a fellow game developer, especially to new gamedev releasing their first few games online.

I had previous recorded footage of this game (and others) without commentary, and I want to cover every game I did that for in this new format with my thoughts, feedback, and raw reactions.

I'm particularly interested in covering games that have previously seen no other real attention, however I love Tim and GDU so I wanted to go through his library as well!


This is the most in-depth and complete review I think i'll ever get for this absolute garbage game lol. Appreciate it though!

11  1D11 11 D1D 1  11 D D1D1DD

1D... 1D... 1D! tudo faz sentido :0

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I recorded some footage of this game, but without commentary. I was recording gameplay without commentary a month or so ago, but I've stopped this. All my future similar videos will include commentary and critique like I did with this Pumpkin's Task, Surf's Up, & WIZ by newworldcircuit video. I'll probably return to the games I recorded commentary-less like this game, although in a similar bulk like with that newworldcircuit video.

I rate 1/1

my too xD

11111111 is my highest!

At first I expected something like Line Wobbler - pretty clever!

Good one!

All I'm wondering is what the first 0D game would be like.  This was a fun idea though.

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Aha, you got me Tim


I had never seen more 1s before! Funny idea Tim.


Shit game, atleast better then penisphobia.



I didn't know you can say the letter D in so many ways! That is a very simple yet addictive game! It reminds me of some fights from Undertale, particularly with Papyrus


Highest score is 1 :)

wtf is this





This should be called Flappy D and the Boyz


The title has 2 D's in it...


I love how the ending teases a sequel.


So many companies have teased sequels, but they never came. I really, really hope this is different! Out of all the games that I've played in my LIFE... I think this one is most deserving of more amazing content.

I'm really confused is there a story?


The story behind this game is so in depth and emotional that I couldn't bring myself to finish it because I don't want it to be over


At first I was suspicious - been playing this game around 400 hours now, and I can confidently say this is in my top 3 games I played.

The game has a few bugs. I can only see one line on the screen, and that's it.

However it's a must buy game!




space goats mmorpg. We're waiting

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