Your small mining station manned by you and your son is drifting in a decaying orbit. It's only a matter of time before it's too late to escape the dying sun you're hurtling toward. 


  • Navigate a derelict space station and find resources
  • Reroute power and turn on ship systems
  • Repair your ship before it's too late!


Use mouse to move and click on objects


Kindred - Art / Sound / Atmosphere

SteampunkChinChilla - Music

Tim Ruswick - Programming

Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
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Nice game ....

BUG - no move from door .... still run 


Overall I like the concept, and that an entire playthrough is 5 minutes.

I didn't understand why you would send your son off by himself rather than launching with both of you. I guess maybe less resources are used on the journey?

you hit the launch button from your son's bedroom to launch with him. If you hit the outside one, he goes alone.


The gameplay was not as challenging as I thought, but very nice art & concept, indeed! :D


5/5 Art

too bad i cant rate the art in the jam.. Tim.


The idea and visuals are Awesome! However, the gameplay is hard to follow. The stations need better signaling to the player what is going on. My first playthru I got 3 batteries and left the station with a max ship in 2 minutes.

The 4 stages at the end seemed odd as the son is sick, but after 156 days doesn't die or recover. Seems strange.

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The art is really good, but the gameplay is lacking and doesn't take full advantage of it.  This would probably make a better clicker/idle game along the lines of Magic Potion Explorer/Destroyer.

The art was amazing and very easy on the eyes. My problem was that the game-play felt like a afterthought.  Maybe I was doing something wrong but after a little bit you just stood around not having to micromanage.

I think the point is just to get all reserves to max and take off. I think some playthroughs that will happen quickly, and some you may be down to the last seconds before you get everything ready for launch. At least, that's my impression from just a few rounds.