You’re an evil chick trying to steal a superhero egg that can’t walk from the hidden lair. You are the chick magnet. And the only thing standing in your way, is thousands of tons of deadly steel. Can you make it out before the walls around you collapse???


MAGNET: Left click


There is a cooldown on the use of the magnet that recharges when its not in use. I planned on having a UI bar to show this, but we ran out of time. Without the feedback from the magnet sound shutting off or the bar showing, it can feel buggy, just don't hold the magnet button for too long.

An unlimited magnet along with a few bug fixes was added post-jam, if you want to play that version, you can do so here.

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Tags2D, egg, rage


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Awesome! I love it!  I would like a full version : )

I think a mini map would be cool, give the player an idea of direction.

I love the magnet sound!  Speaking of sound, I wonder if having a metal clinking sound of the egg hitting the walls would have added more to the overall feel.   

cool idea, need some tuning on difficulty curve though.

Very cool!

Are you supposed to be able to control the egg directly with the keypad? At first, I didn't realize what the business up at the top of the screen was about, I was just flying the egg around directly. 

This was a bug that was fixed in a later build...but the bugfox didn't make it in time for the jam unfortunately. The mouse is the only intended control.

Heard that! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

This is a great game and really hard! I got stuck sooo many times in a places I didn't think I would get stuck :D Great job!

Hey Tim, great game. I made it all the way to the end. :p

The game mechanic is awesome. Also pretty cool that  you need to attract the iron box to block the shots.

The part where you need to pass the saw-wheels is the most frustrating one. The difficulty is fine. It just doesn't feel like you have enough control over the egg to consistently make it through those narrow gaps. 

Sometimes the attraction towards the magnet seemed to be weaker and when you keep pressing the attract button, the attraction force just stops after a couple of seconds even though the animation keeps going. A little better feedback on when I'm attracting the egg and how strongly I'm attracting that (In case that varies) would have been great. For the most part it handles fine, though. Especially the parts where you manage to speed through obstacles feel great!

Also props to the art. It's pretty good for such a short time frame.

I'd be interested to see what Mark has to say about it. :)

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"the attractive Chick Magnet" - Mark Brown

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Good game Tim, just 10 minutes to the deadline. I did find that if you die, sometimes upon restart the guy start spinning. Also, the coins don't have any influence in the game.

I used the coins to flip the shooting elements over.  Now, maybe they shouldn't look like coins if that was their intended purpose but I found them useful.  I also haven't tried getting one of them all the way to the goal to see if there is some hidden achievement or something.  

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Very Creative, I like it! The game is extremely difficult though. The egg shaped body makes dodging those blades on the second level almost impossible. Good thing there's checkpoints. This game makes dark souls look like a cake walk in comparison. 

The game requires so much precision, that I accidentally resized my browser window many times. A full screen desktop build would alleviate this problem completely.

Another thing to note. I'm gaming on a 144hz monitor, and it feels like the game is in fast forward mode or something. I played your other amazing shooter game with gnomes, and that games speed felt much more natural. I watched your game development live stream on Youtube and the gamespeed looked much more natural. When I make a game using the Unity game engine, I remember to multiply my movement speed by delta time. That way the game speed is exactly the same no matter what frame-rate the player is running the game at.

Otherwise I really enjoyed this game. I'm not going to pretend like Chick Magnet or that Cupcake pooping goat game compares to your master piece shooter up gnome game. I'll look forward to playing other games you make in the future.

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Excellent game.  Very cool setting that fits the theme well. Basically a platformer with no direct control over the character walking and jumping and instead using the magnet. LOL!

This is extremely polished considering the dev managed to design 3 full (and very well done) levels and all within the short amount of time of the game jam window. This developer seems to have a lot of creativity and puts a ton of personality in his games.

Awesome job Tim. I've played some of your other games and every game seems better than the last and this one is no exception. I guess next year we will be seeing your first (?) Steam release. :)


It was great! Very fun and hard at the same time, we got stuck a lot of the time haha, 5 stars dude! 

Awesome work  :D