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I broke the game. My spaceship went to fast with thrusters and ended up spinning around like all hell, I broke the game so much so that two SpaceMen indicators appeared. I think I may have broke it thanks to putting on to much stuff in one area.

it wont load for me


My kiddo and I really enjoyed playing your game, we played for almost 2 hours. :-)

really liked it! got to save 19 before my ship became a crazy spinning mess,pretty sure i broke it


Pretty nice game Tim and co. I managed to rescue 12 astronauts. Though, it would be nice if the ship health is displayed in the UI. Since it can be quite hard to see with a bunch of items attached.

I love the art here and tons of humor, great, fun game! ;) 
P.S.You can add LD page link, when you edit this itch page in Ludum Dare Submission URL, right under tags - it will display at the top of this page ;) 

very good art and it reminds a lot of lovers in a spacetime plus impact mechanics and something a bit katamari like .. hard to describe .. please add ludum dare link so I can rate you guys there

Hey thanks! here you go!