Patch 1.0.3 | Bug Fixes, Full Screen, & More!

Hey Philophobes! 

New patch up. Made a video that walks you through all the changes in 1.0.3, but just for your convenience they are listed here too:

  • Fixed an issue where you could not gain certain abilities on certain levels
  • Fixed an issue where Amity, Demon of Bargaining could get stuck without resetting the switch 
  • Fixed an issue where dash might not properly charge after landing on breakable blocks 
  • Fixed an issue where starting shield block while walking would not stop walk sfx 
  • Fixed an issue in Jump Shot where players could get stuck 
  • Fixed an issue in Beaten Path where players could get stuck
  • Fixed an issue in Pathfinder where players could get stuck 
  • Fixed an issue in Leading The Blind where players could get stuck 
  • Fixed an issue in Realm of Depression where players could get stuck 
  • Fixed an issue where walking loop audio could click or pop with rapid movement 
  • Fixed an issue where player could still control main menu even when on options screen 
  • Fixed an issue where Options menu did not show proper sound volume % 
  • Fixed an issue where holding the jump button and landing would remove your ability to jump 
  • Added 'Dash' to the controls listing on the main menu 
  • Added custom icon for taskbar 
  • Added fullscreen by default. 
  • Added ability to toggle fullscreen by pressing F11 
  • Limited FPS to 60 to temporarily fix 144hz monitors from playing the game at 2x the speed 
  • Removed Dev Tools from build 
  • Fixed an issue where on a controller the jump button had to be released before you could dash

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Feb 18, 2019

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