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I can only recommend this game. The level design is fantastic. A lot of love went into making this and it shows.

Love both of your channels!!


Can't wait to experience those "real world emotions". Hype!


A literal heart-warming experience that you won't regret purchasing!

Great looking game all around! Seems very difficult though, dont know how far i'll go


A truly incredible, heart-felt game based on one man's breakup... push your skills to the limit in this hellish journey across the five realms of misery! 

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Philophobia in a nutshell: 



I've been watching Philophobia's development for over 157hours on Twitch. It's an unique game made by a solo developer. Worth to wishlist if you enjoy fast paced platformers.


An intense platformer on the surface, but a deeply emotional tale within its core. One thing that makes this game truly stand out is this indie title's character. For anyone who doesn't know, this game was developed by someone who inspired a whole community of game devs to pursue their dream and continue making an impact. The history and character alone are enough to give this game a try. 10 out of 10 coming from a fellow indie developer. This game almost never existed and to see it here makes me so delighted. Great work Tim and thank you for making an impact

Needs more citrus

I think everything needs more citrus Troy.

Now listen up you all hating motherfuckers hell is love is amazing outstanding game I dont care what haters say the truth is that the game hell is love is fucking amazing game

Appreciate it!! Worked hard to make this game happen, glad its so close to launch!

Endure 100+ levels of torture designed - Thanks TIM

Wow. A truly memorable experience. The best part is when you realize the game isn't even out yet...

Cant wait!


An amazingly hellish platformer, with puzzle-precision platforming difficulty, and an atmosphere that truly is deserving of the title "Hell". Every time I died, the bassy drop followed by the laughter of demons galvanized my resolve to just try one more time, so that I might land that jump or avoid that obstacle. This game primes itself with simple, palatable mechanics that turn out to be surprisingly difficult and rageworthy in practice. As a beta tester, I highly recommend playing this game.


I fear nothing... except those damn hearts that chomp you out of nowhere. Can't wait to play this game.


Been watching the development of it and it looks awesome, hyped for release :D perfect game for valentines 




i'm  following your Youtube channel. 

I am grateful to you for all your valuable tips for making and selling our own games.

I am very happy that you have come to the end of this project: Philophobia.

No doubt il will be à nice succes !

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