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please fix the shield mechanic it sometimes kills you despite having the shield "up" :)

Note: not sure if this is the best place for bug report, if not please point me in the direction of the correct one :)

Note2: Thanks for the downvote i guess? Would help to know why though.

Bug reports here:

Looking into the issue!

thanks, will post it there too :)

Great game. I love it. Highly recommended.

Watching this game being made I was really excited to finally play this. Honestly it's even better than I could have imagined.  This is a challenging game that gets your heart going. Just an awesome experience overall. 

- Craig_L_


Ahh Tim! I waited to play the game and now it's only available for Windows??? :( Please add a Mac version of this game.




love the game  its great  its  help get though a break up or had one recently break up 

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A Heart felt story line that makes you question how you would react if you traveled in the character's path. Great game-play, animations, and voice-overs. worth a play.


Picking this up this weekend, I'm so happy its finally launched!


I can not believe the time has come. It is an absolutely fantastic time to be alive. Nothing has ever made me feel as grateful as this great event. This is indeed a marvelous point in time. Finally, the folk may unleash itself from the prison it was captivated in. I do not have the words to describe what I feel right now. I have waited for this time for my whole life. To see the word buy appear on the screen, gazing at me, gazing into the abyss. I am absolutely speechless. I want to thank my friends who were there to help me my whole life. I want to thank my parents. My mother, because she was always so nice and only hit me a few dozens of times in the five years that I'm on this planet. I want to thank my father, for leaving. If you ever come back, though, that would be very nice. I want to thank you all, users of this great social network, for believing that it could be done. We are victorious, and this amazing day will forever be commemorated in our collective memory, as a day of joy. This is a day of celebration. Of being truly happy that we were born into this vivacity. That we are descendants of a generation that has believed in us.  a generation that has put all of its trust in the people that built this world to be what it is today.
You made this world a better place. All of you. And this spectacular historical event will be forever remembered as a day where we left all of our sorrows behind, with audacity and gallantry. We have survived the 4-year drought that this game has been in development for. We have been crowned victorious by the Gods of Tim. We are the people that others don't even dream to be. We won the war.
Life will cease to be what it used to be. The sun will shine differently. The people will now be merry and joyful, instead of grumpy and gloomy as they always were. The world will be viewed from different eyes from now on. Eyes that are filled with pure satisfaction, instead of despair, constant agony and crippling depression.
I have lived 4 years to see this happen. I've seen my son graduate, and I didn't feel as blessed as I feel now. I've had my six brothers and sisters exploding in a terrible plane crash right in front of my eyes and I didn't shed a single tear. Today I am letting the floodgates burst open, and tears of joy are released, along with tears of pain I held inside for such a long time. I have murdered the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan and I didn't feel even 50% as good as I feel right now. You made this happen.
I once again thank you all. You made me happy, even though I have no heart and therefore am incapable of feeling emotion.
Today, for one day, we can forget about all our worries. We have triumphed over the disbelief.

*We did it, Chat*


Congratulation on your full release!!


I can't believe it's finally out, I'm super pumped tbh.


I came here a few seconds before release, lol


I was linked here


Looks cool.


Beautiful visuals, the page looks nice and inviting. Good color choices.


Damn, I'm so excited to play it... 

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Can't really buy it, but congrats Tim! I'm your long time followerrrrrr! love your channel. Also it will be really interesting if your game gets Very Big:D

I can't wait to buy it!

The page for this game looks great. Looking forward to play it and looking forward to the reviews. 


@TimRuswick; congrats on nearing the release for Philophobia! We've been long time viewers and subscribers and this is on our to-play list! 

Watching this game being developed and change over time has been an incredible inspiration, can't wait to try it out!


I can only recommend this game. The level design is fantastic. A lot of love went into making this and it shows.

Love both of your channels!!


Can't wait to experience those "real world emotions". Hype!


A literal heart-warming experience that you won't regret purchasing!

Great looking game all around! Seems very difficult though, dont know how far i'll go


A truly incredible, heart-felt game based on one man's breakup... push your skills to the limit in this hellish journey across the five realms of misery! 

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Philophobia in a nutshell: 



I've been watching Philophobia's development for over 157hours on Twitch. It's an unique game made by a solo developer. Worth to wishlist if you enjoy fast paced platformers.


An intense platformer on the surface, but a deeply emotional tale within its core. One thing that makes this game truly stand out is this indie title's character. For anyone who doesn't know, this game was developed by someone who inspired a whole community of game devs to pursue their dream and continue making an impact. The history and character alone are enough to give this game a try. 10 out of 10 coming from a fellow indie developer. This game almost never existed and to see it here makes me so delighted. Great work Tim and thank you for making an impact

Needs more citrus

I think everything needs more citrus Troy.

Now listen up you all hating motherfuckers hell is love is amazing outstanding game I dont care what haters say the truth is that the game hell is love is fucking amazing game

Appreciate it!! Worked hard to make this game happen, glad its so close to launch!

Endure 100+ levels of torture designed - Thanks TIM

Wow. A truly memorable experience. The best part is when you realize the game isn't even out yet...

Cant wait!


An amazingly hellish platformer, with puzzle-precision platforming difficulty, and an atmosphere that truly is deserving of the title "Hell". Every time I died, the bassy drop followed by the laughter of demons galvanized my resolve to just try one more time, so that I might land that jump or avoid that obstacle. This game primes itself with simple, palatable mechanics that turn out to be surprisingly difficult and rageworthy in practice. As a beta tester, I highly recommend playing this game.


I fear nothing... except those damn hearts that chomp you out of nowhere. Can't wait to play this game.


Been watching the development of it and it looks awesome, hyped for release :D perfect game for valentines 




i'm  following your Youtube channel. 

I am grateful to you for all your valuable tips for making and selling our own games.

I am very happy that you have come to the end of this project: Philophobia.

No doubt il will be ร  nice succes !

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